We are based in Copenhagen and play by the rules of Danish design. We are using strong contrasts in our product and honest materials from Europe. The entire lantern is handmade and manufactured in Denmark.
We want to solve the problem of lack of lighting at camping areas on festivals, beaches, gardens and any other outdoor gatherings. 
For that to happen we need to use all the tools that has been given to us over the past years of our education in design, business and electrical engineering. For the team behind GLØD this is a dream that have come true. 
The journey have been long and the development proces feels endless. But we have come this far and want to continue.
GLØD has partnered up with Volt Power banks to distribute the product at Roskilde Festival 2018. This means, that the lantern will be available in all Volts 17 shops.
Besides our friends in Volt, we have also depended on the following sponsors. We would like to show our great gratitude to: